Back in November 2017, BETTER FINANCE formed an Alliance together with the other major EU public interest organisations working on financial services to voice their disappointment with the European Commission’s proposal for the review of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs), and make proposals to remedy the situation.

BETTER FINANCE fully supports this proposal to include ESG considerations during the advisory and product suitability process. However, we have some concerns regarding the proposal. Firstly, and as raised at several occasions by BETTER FINANCE, before requesting institutional investors and assets managers to include ESG’s client’s preferences in the advisory and product suitability process, we

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this opportunity to comment on the proposal amending Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565 supplementing MiFID II as regards organizational requirements and operating conditions for investment firms and defined terms for the purpose of that directive. Investment firms shall act in accordance with the best interest of their clients. As such, when providing investment

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this proposal to extend the Regulation on cross-border transactions to non-euro Member States for cross-border transactions in Euros sent or received within the EU. Transactions in Euros from or to a Member State of the European Union will now be charged the exact same price as a domestic transaction in the official

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this opportunity to comment on the European Commission’s roadmap on a “Simplified prospectus for companies and investors in Europe”. As representative of individual investors and savers, we believe that the main concern is to ensure that the Prospectus, the EU Growth Prospectus and their respective Summary prospectuses must reflect a true picture

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the proposed amendments from the EP rapporteurs and shadow rapporteurs as a step in the right direction towards a simple and safe PEPP that could regain the trust of EU citizens. Several key amendment proposals by BETTER FINANCE have been taken on board by the EP rapporteurs and shadows for the Committee

An EU-wide collective redress mechanism for all financial services users such as savers, retail investors, life insurance policy holders, pension fund participants, small and individual shareholders or employee shareholders is more than needed. The right to redress and the right to access to justice is especially important in the area of financial services as financial

BETTER FINANCE congratulates the Expert Group on Technical Aspects of Corporate Governance Processes for their work. The Implementing Regulation (IR) takes important steps towards facilitating cross-border voting and ensures a harmonised application of its requirements which reduces the risk of fragmentation across Member States. Even though it was not within the remit of the IR

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this opportunity to comment on the EC proposal for a Regulation on facilitating cross-border distribution of collective investment funds. As the representative of individual investors, BETTER FINANCE is pleased to see that the Commission stresses the obligation to provide for fair, clear and not misleading information in marketing materials for UCITS.

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this opportunity to comment on the Commission’s proposal amending the AIFM and UCITS directives with regard to cross-border distribution of investment funds.