In order to shore up the real economy, protect savers and investors, concentrate on long term investment for job creation and better protect European citizens, BETTER FINANCE wrote the BETTER FINANCE Manifesto, outlining necessary changes to benefit the real economy. It was presented at the BETTER FINANCE Conference at the European Parliament.

In order to present a united front on behalf of the hundreds of millions of European consumers and individual investors and draw attention to the serious threats KID Regulation faces from within the European Parliament itself, EuroFinUse joined forces with Finance Watch and BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation). To this end a letter was sent

EuroFinUse has provided Mr Philippe Maystadt with the views of retail investors on accounting standards, the principles they should contain and the need to count with international account standards that protect the interests of investors.

EuroFinUse welcomes the workshop organized by the European Commission on this very important emerging trend in financial services. EuroFinUse also thanks the Commission to invite a retail user representative to the speakers table. Financial services users, savers and retail investors are not opposed to innovation, particularly with regard to the emergence of Crowdfunding, which could

Six years after MiFID Directive fragmented the European equity markets, private investors still cannot get consolidated pre- and post-trade data. EuroFinUse is very concerned that the EU has and is still losing a lot of time and has not properly evaluated the economic cost of market fragmentation.

EuroFinUse considers the establishment of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) a milestone in the promotion of harmonised accounting standards not only in Europe but also, ideally, for the United States.

Read EuroFinUse’s position on the investment fund rules UCITS bonuses for fund managers to be capped among wider investor protection in new draft EU rules.

EuroFinUse praises the Eurogroup statement from late Monday in favor of fully guaranteeing deposits below EUR 100,000. Moreover, we believe bank depositors should not pay for the excesses of the banking industry and or governments. Therefore, depositors should be protected from bearing the bulk of the Cypriot rescue package.

EuroFinUse supports the main objective of the European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), “to ensure that financial institutions make a fair and substantial contribution to covering the costs of the recent crisis”¦ and to ring-fence the real economy, SMEs, housholds etc.”. EuroFinUse position on the FFT has been published as a press release.