Date: 13th February 2017

Annex 1C BETTER FINANCE helps investors identify potential falsely active funds (“closet indexers”), and asks regulators to investigate further:
It replicated the ESMA study on closet indexing and identified up to 165 equity “UCITS” funds that could potentially be closet indexers.

  • Annex 1.A - List of All Funds (2332 funds)
  • Annex 1.B - List of funds with No Reported Benchmark (147 funds)
  • Annex 1.C - List of funds with Insufficient Data (1172 funds)
  • Annex 1.D - List of funds that are Potential Active Funds (848 funds)
  • Annex 1.E - List of funds that are Potential Closet Indexers (165 funds)

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