Barriers to shareholder engagement | SRD II  Revisited (AGM season 2022)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Long-term investor engagement and sustainable corporate governance hampered by antiquated, fragmented and costly processes in the hands of financial intermediaries Despite the great importance the EU attaches to ...
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Shifting the Trillions | Why will private investors play a key role?

Research presentation by 2° Investing Initiative (2DII
  • Shifting the Trillions: the transition needs to be massive and transformative
  • Still, the funding gaps can be put in perspective with household savings
  • ...
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Long-term and Pension Savings – The Real Return – 2022 Edition – Summary Booklet

BETTER FINANCE published the 10th edition of its “Real Return of Long-Term and Pension Savings report | 2022 Edition”. Download the full report in English for free here. A Summary ...
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The Real Return 2022 – Country by Country

Guide on Pension Awareness

Every year, BETTER FINANCE compiles the returns of private long-term and pension savings, so we can have an overview of how these products perform, compare them, and know their performances ...
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The Real Return Long-Term Pension Savings Report | 2022 Edition

BETTER FINANCE published the 10th edition of its “Real Return of Long-Term and Pension Savings report | 2022 Edition”. Download the report in English for free here (or see below) ...
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Solvency Reports (SFCR) 2021 under examination: the Body Mass Index of the life-insurance industry | 2022 Edition

This report is a collaboration between analysts, actuaries, and researchers from consumer protection organisations. The purpose is to analyse and evaluate the fitness of a selection of life insurance companies’ ...
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Securities Lending: Income Attribution & Conflicts of Interests in EU Retail Investment Funds

In 2021, the total income generated by securities lending operations globally stood at €7.8 billion, up by 21% compared to 2020. The majority of operations and lenders are outside the ...
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The New Investing Environment for Retail Investors | Expectations and Challenges Ahead

BETTER FINANCE published a report in support of its response to the EC Consultation on the EU Strategy for Retail Investors, illustrating the current state of affairs, detailing how to ...
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Individual Redress Tools in EU Retail Financial Services | Can a Retail Investor take on the Giants?

Savers and individual investors are one of the most vulnerable groups of consumers due to the nature of financial markets, the limited financial literacy of households and the growing complexity ...
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