On 18 June 2019, the Technical Expert Group (TEG) published its report on Climate Benchmarks and Benchmarks’ ESG Disclosures. The report recommends a list of minimum standards for the methodologies of EU Climate Transition and Paris-aligned benchmarks addressing the risk of greenwashing, and disclosure requirements to improve transparency and comparability of information across benchmarks not only regarding climate-related

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published a questionnaire which aims to gather evidence on potential short-term pressures on corporations stemming from the financial sector. On December 2019, the findings will be presented to the European Commission that will consider to follow up on them, which might include political actions. Find BETTER FINANCE’s response to

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the setting of mandatory criteria for the Ecolabel. The issue with any point system is that it may reveal gaps in correctly weighting the criteria for awarding points depending on certain circumstances. Therefore, we support the creation of an ecolabel with mandatory requirements. The mandatory (pass/ fail system) provides a stronger market

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the European Commission’s report on standardised presentation of the remuneration and stresses the importance of these guidelines to provide a clear and understandable remuneration. We believe that despite the increasingly complex nature of compensation systems across Europe, they can still be explained in a very readable way, and we, therefore, provide our

A strong European CMU requires the trust of citizens as individual investors, policy holders, pension savers and other savers. And defusing the pensions time bomb requires positive and decent real long term returns to pension savers. Those can only be reached by increasing the attractiveness of the EU capital markets to the benefit of all

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the update of the non-binding guidelines on non-financial reporting as a crucial step toward achieving the Paris agreement and the Sustainable Development goals by reorienting capital flows to support a long-term sustainable and just economy. However, it also expresses some doubts about the effectiveness of these requirements due to their not binding nature

BETTER FINANCE provided feedback to the European Commission’s ongoing work to develop the taxonomy as part of the action plan on financing sustainable growth.

BETTER FINANCE provided feedback to the European Commission’s ongoing work to develop the taxonomy as part of the action plan on financing sustainable growth.

As part of the measures on sustainable finance, the EC requested EIOPA and ESMA to develop technical advice for integrating sustainability factors into the general provisions laying down organisational requirements and product governance rules for investment and insurance firms in MiFID II and IDD Level 2 legislation, as well as for the suitability assessment. This

The European Commission (EC) engaged in a project of overhauling the EU financial framework in line with the actions identified in the “Action Plan: Financing a Sustainable Growth”. The project consists of a package of measures (amendments to existing legislative and non-legislative acts; adoption of delegated acts) in order to increase transparency and disclosure of