BETTER FINANCE considers the aim of the EC Commission to establish a European framework on Sustainable Corporate governance in order to better hold directors accountable to long-term oriented stakeholders praiseworthy. However, BETTER FINANCE warns against basing any future measures on the conclusions of a Study on directors’ duties and sustainable corporate governance due to its

As a first step towards the preparation of its report on the application of the IDD, EIOPA launched an initial survey addressed to external stakeholders, such as consumer associations, academics, trade associations, insurance undertakings and insurance intermediaries. Note: This feedback is provided by BETTER FINANCE together with its German (BdvBund der Versicherten e.V.) and French

BETTER FINANCE fully supports EIOPA’s fundamental approach to preventing “green-washing” and “green bubbles”. ESG investments must be submitted to the same risk assessment procedures (ORSA) as any other investment by insurers. BETTER FINANCE also supports EIOPA’s proposal fora new short section in the SFCR with information specifically aimed at policyholders. It should be mandatory for

With the termination of the intra-EU bilateral investment treaties (BITs) in 2020 – which received significant criticism for overlapping with the EU single market rules – the EC launched an initiative to improve the investor protection and facilitation framework at EU level. This initiative was reiterated in the new Capital Markets Union (CMU) Action Plan

While the aim of the EU Ecolabel should be to guide retail investors towards truly sustainable financial products, and at the same time avoid the greenwashing of unsustainable investments, the current proposal creates the exact opposite scenario for the label. It is labeling unsustainable investments as “green” and not sufficiently promoting targeted and genuine sustainable

The BETTER FINANCE welcomes the proposal put forward by the European Commission to simplify Prospectus disclosure rules for equity issuers in order to stimulate equity financing by companies in need and restore sustainable debt-equity ratios. We believe that both Capital Markets Union (CMU) and COVID-19 recovery policies should be tailored to attract more EU households

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the the use of specific templates to standardise the disclosures of ESG information. We consider that to be comparable, the information disclosed  must reach the highest degree of standardisation at cross-sectoral levels and standardisation concerns not only the type of information to be included, but also the order flow and format; in

BETTER FINANCE thanks the ECB for this initiative to reach out to EU citizens as users of financial services and to the “civil society” at large. We acknowledge the major role of the ECB in addressing many short-term issues arising from the 2008 financial crisis and today from the COVID one: Financial repression at unprecedented

To collect input for the European Commission’s work on a legislative initiative that aims to strengthen the investment protection and facilitation framework in the EU as part of the capital markets union action plan, the directorate-general for financial stability, financial services and capital markets union (DG FISMA) commissioned a study to collect evidence on investor

Corporate social responsibility and pro-environmentalism has gained importance among consumers too often providing incentives for producers to brand unsustainable products as green or environmentally friendly. Research on product labelling suggests that “green” has become an important retail strategy and more and more products on the market are labelled as environmentally friendly. Therefore, green labels may