BETTER FINANCE welcomes the ECON’s legislative own-initiative report on Digital Finance to assess the regulatory and supervisory challenges on the digital financial market in order to guarantee a resilient digital financial system. BETTER FINANCE believes that the EC should attempt to better coordinate the parallel consultations (Mifid II, Digital Finance Strategy, Sustainable finance Strategy) –

The EU Commission should consider the following initiatives for EU financial service users: Establishing independent savings products data bases which imply standardized Key Information on actual costs, performances and risks (“garbage in garbage out”). Development of independent web comparative tools that would feed upon such reliable data bases , and would allow and facilitate the

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the initiative of the European Commission (EC) to review the non-financial reporting directive. Currently, there are significant problems regarding the non-financial information disclosed by companies pursuant to directive 2014/95/EU. The review should enable a strong alignment with the taxonomy regulation and its technical standards which include thresholds and metrics. It is also

Summary: General comment The review of the MiFID II framework is timely and should be coordinated with the other ongoing actions and policy areas, i.e. PRIIPs and the work done in the Forum on the Future of the Capital Markets Union. In addition, to ensure a level playing field, the European Commission should also adopt

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this timely assessment and evidence gathering on the application of the new MiFID II rules on disclosure for inducements and costs. However, it is very unfortunate that, in a field that is crucial to investor protection and designed to enhance consumer experience and trust in financial services, the majority of questions are

The creation a of well-designed Ecolabel is key to addressing the very real issue of existing national labels being granted to products that do not comply with existing investor protection and disclosure rules. First and foremost, the Ecolabel should acquire and retain the trust of EU citizens, since they are the main source of long-term

BETTER FINANCE continues to express deep concern about the unwanted “side-effects” of the MiFID 2 regulatory framework on “lit” equity trading in the EU. Below is the summary response to the ESMA Public Consultation on the review of the MiFID 2 and MiFIR transparency regime for equity and equity-like instruments, the double volume cap mechanism

Digitalisation and new technologies are significantly transforming the European financial system and the way it provides financial services to Europe’s businesses and citizens. Key areas of reflection include deepening the Single Market for digital financial services, promoting a data-driven financial sector in the EU while addressing its risks and ensuring a true level playing field,

This document represents the stylised version of BETTER FINANCE’s response to the EIOPA Public Consultation on implementing measures (level 2) for the pan-European Personal Pension (PEPP) Regulation. The actual response template can be found here. Executive Summary General approach and review BETTER FINANCE welcomes the holistic approach adopted by EIOPA and agrees with the working

BETTER FINANCE published its Position Paper on the implementing measures (level 2) for the Pan-European Personal Pension (PEPP) product. These measures will be based on the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) submitted by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) to the European Commission following a period of public consultations. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PEPP Key Information