BETTER FINANCE welcomes this unique initiative from EIOPA as an example of best practice in terms of supervision and investor protection, not only at the EU level but on the global regulatory scene, especially given the architecture of the distribution market for retail investment products. EU savers have been slowly diverted from direct investments towards

It is very welcome that the Commission prepares both a Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy for July 2021, and an unprecedented, horizontal Retail Investment Strategy for early 2022. This briefing focuses on the retail investment aspects of the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy and on the sustainability aspects of the Retail Investment Strategy. It does not aim

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the Delegated act obligations for certain large undertakings to publish non-financial information. The rules set out in the delegated act clarify and allow for the translation of the technical screening criteria of the Climate Delegated Act (and the future Environmental Delegated Act) into quantitative economic performance indicators that will need to be

Intangibles are critical to the business model of many companies, and fundamental for explaining the value creation process particularly as we continue to move towards a knowledge-based economy. Notwithstanding their relevance, they largely do not appear on financial statements or in the related disclosures, especially when they are internally generated. In this light, EFRAG (the

Regulations on Markets in Crypto Assets and the EU Pilot Regime for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) based market infrastructures BETTER FINANCE welcomes the initiatives and efforts of EU public authorities to accommodate emerging technologies in financial services whilst maintaining a safe and stable environment for consumers and financial services users to benefit from our single

The Covid-19 crisis showed how digitalization can play a useful role for consumers and businesses. However, digitalization and new emerging technological trends do not come without risks, scams, and fraud. This rapid digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic requires shaping the 2030 digital targets by putting people and the public interest back at the centre

BETTER FINANCE fully supports EIOPA’s fundamental approach to preventing “green-washing” and “green bubbles”. ESG investments must be submitted to the same risk assessment procedures (ORSA) as any other investment by insurers. BETTER FINANCE also supports EIOPA’s proposal fora new short section in the SFCR with information specifically aimed at policyholders. It should be mandatory for

With the termination of the intra-EU bilateral investment treaties (BITs) in 2020 – which received significant criticism for overlapping with the EU single market rules – the EC launched an initiative to improve the investor protection and facilitation framework at EU level. This initiative was reiterated in the new Capital Markets Union (CMU) Action Plan

While the aim of the EU Ecolabel should be to guide retail investors towards truly sustainable financial products, and at the same time avoid the greenwashing of unsustainable investments, the current proposal creates the exact opposite scenario for the label. It is labeling unsustainable investments as “green” and not sufficiently promoting targeted and genuine sustainable

The BETTER FINANCE welcomes the proposal put forward by the European Commission to simplify Prospectus disclosure rules for equity issuers in order to stimulate equity financing by companies in need and restore sustainable debt-equity ratios. We believe that both Capital Markets Union (CMU) and COVID-19 recovery policies should be tailored to attract more EU households