Date: 26th January 2024

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Let’s harness the Capital Markets Union’s (CMU) potential to benefit our citizens as financial consumers, retail investors and pension savers, as well as our planet, economy, and future generations. This will ensure Europe’s prosperity and security in a rapidly changing geopolitical environment.

BETTER FINANCE acts as an independent expertise centre and strengthens the voice of European financial consumers, retail investors, shareholders and EU citizens as insurance policyholders and pension savers.1 We use our collective independent financial expertise, to work together with the EU policymakers to deliver a truly Sustainable Capital Markets Union that “works for people”.

Major efforts have already been made to achieve this objective. Nevertheless, individual investors’ participation in capital markets remains heterogeneous across the EU. This heterogeneity should prompt the national governments to urgently look for the best practices and learn from solutions that have proved the most successful at national level in driving retail participation.

To make EU capital markets more competitive and attractive for citizens and enterprises, a CMU that works for people, BETTER FINANCE recommends national governments to:


Provide access to independent investment advice


Facilitate access to simple, cost-efficient and pan-European investment products