Jella Benner-Heinacher is the chief managing director (deputy) of Deutsche Schutzvereinigung für Wertpapierbesitz (DSW), the leading shareholder association in Germany. Ms Benner-Heinacher, a German attorney, having studied in France, Switzerland and the U.S., is primarily responsible for international activities as President of BETTER FINANCE in Brussels. Ms Benner-Heinacher is also chairwoman of the European Corporate Governance Services (ECGS) in London, and a member of the Stock Exchange Board in Düsseldorf.  Furthermore she is responsible for Corporate Governance issues as well as for DSW’s participation in the legislation procedure at both national and international level.

Jean Berthon

Jean Berthon is BETTER FINANCE President and since January 2009 President of FAIDER (Fédération des Associations Indépendantes des Epargnants pour la Retraite), a French federation which gathers 14 associations in France, and represents more than 1 million investors and life policy holders. He is a financial expert for the European commission serving as Alternate of the Financial Services User Group. He is also expert in several committees and working groups of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the French Financial Markets regulator (AMF) and the French Banking, Insurance and Pensions regulator (ACP). He is currently serving as Officer in the Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen, the European organization of actuaries.
He started his career as an actuary at Caisse des dépôts et Consignations in France, and worked in several French Banks, most recently as Chairman and Managing Director of Demachy-Worms & Cie Gestion an important French leader in quantitative and Institutional portfolio management. Mr Berthon founded and is a Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of la Fondation du Risque, a French non-profit Foundation which aims to finance and develop academic and business oriented research in risks. La Fondation du Risque currently manages six chairs endowed by major French banks and insurance companies.

Axel Kleinlein

Axel Kleinlein is member of the board and spokesman of the German Association of the Insured (BdV) since 2011 (with a short interruption in 2013). He was born in 1969 near Würzburg.

After finishing his studies in mathematics at the University of Cologne and at the Free University of Berlin, he worked as an actuary for Allianz Lebensversicherung in Stuttgart (in 1998-1999). From 2000 on he was responsible for the section of life insurances of Stiftung Warentest in Berlin, the most important public foundation for product ratings in Germany. Three years later he went to Assekurata Assekuranz Rating-Agentur in Cologne, where he published several studies on the life insurance industry and was also in charge of public relations. In 2004 Mr. Kleinlein founded Math Concepts in Berlin, his own research company specialized in insurance mathematics and journalism. In 2007 he additionally worked as a specialist on retirement provision and capital investments for VZBV (Federal Association of Consumer information Centers – the state’s “consumer voice”) in Berlin.

As Spokesman of BdV he is entirely responsible for the presence of BdV in the mass-media and for the representation of BdV in those public institutions and organizations linked to insurance issues in which consumer interests ought to be represented at the federal level (like VZBV and the insurance ombudsman).

Furthermore, as Spokesman of BdV, he is invited to expert hearings by committees of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag). He is responsible for all BdV comments on draft legal acts or regulations at the national level (by Federal Ministries of Justice, of Finance or others) and on the European level (mainly for EIOPA and the other ESAs).

Lars Milberg

Lars Milberg is a Board Member of Aktiespararna (CEO, Joacim Olsson), the leading shareholder association in Sweden.

Fernando Herrero

Fernando Herrero is currently the Secretary General for the Association of Consumers and Users of Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance (Spain), ADICAE, and member of its Board of Directors. ADICAE is the leading consumer organization in Spain in the field of financial services, with nearly 200,000 members, and involved in various advisory bodies at national and European level.

He has been also attached to the presidency ADICAE for legal services, and is now member of the Advisory Committee of the National Securities Market Commission of Spain. He has been member of the Observatory for Migration to SEPA, (Central Bank of Spain), and also of the Insurance Advisory Board [General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds, Ministry of Economy (2006-2011)], and he is usually required by institutions, agencies and universities to participate in regular works and conferences .

After an initial foray into the economic field, since 1998 he became a member of ADICAE , where has developed different responsibilities. He was Vice President of ADICAE from 2004, and later was appointed Secretary General of the association.

He was one of the first representatives of ADICAE in Euroshareholders, and since then he has been the main responsible at ADICAE for international affairs. In fact, he has been very involved in the representation of ADICAE in BETTER FINANCE, coordinating the work of ADICAE with Ià±igo Barrera, until recently a member of the Board of BETTER FINANCE.

He currently coordinates the ADICAE´s representation in the EU body and the ADICAE´s international activity . He is also member of the Observatory for Electronic Payment Card [Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (2006-2011)], and was member of the Expert Group on Market Observer Efficiency Investment Fund [DG Internal Market, European Commission (2006)], among others.