BETTER FINANCE – the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users – is an independent organization of public interest and a center of expertise advocating and defending the interests of the end-users of financial services vis-à-vis the European authorities and lawmakers. To this end, Better Finance aims to influence financial regulation policy to directly benefit all financial services users including shareholders, investors, savers, life insurance policyholders, borrowers, and other stakeholders who are independent of the financial industry.

BETTER FINANCE directly benefits European end-users of financial services (and non-industry stakeholders) as its members are dedicated non-profit European financial services user organizations themselves. They act as representatives of financial services users in their respective EU Member States, thereby ensuring proper governance, independence, and prevention of conflicts of interests.

BETTER FINANCE represents about 4 million financial services users through 37 organizations in 25 countries, including 18 European Member States.

2019 European Elections: BETTER FINANCE calls for a new NEW DEAL for EU citizens as savers and investors!

To this end, we have outlined 10 Key Financial Policy Priorities for 2019-2024