As an association of national member organizations, BETTER FINANCE is supported by a small professional Brussels-based team and our friends on Facebook and LinkedIn. New members and supporters are always welcome to get involved.

BETTER FINANCE was created in 2009 in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to give consumers of financial services a voice.

BETTER FINANCE’s predecessor, Euroshareholders, was created in 1992 and gathered about 30 individual shareholder organizations in Europe. Euroshareholders joined BETTER FINANCE in 2012.


This constituted a very important landmark towards a fully unified representation of the interests of all financial users at the European level. Thus, BETTER FINANCE is one of the very few organizations working “in the interests of the many, and not the few”.


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Our team consists of finance professionals, lobbyists and communication specialists who carry out the core activities of BETTER FINANCE.

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