Date: 17th April 2024

In January, BETTER FINANCE revealed its "Blueprint for the Next EU Parliament" ahead of the European Union elections scheduled for June 2024. Entitled "Sustainable Value for Money: Reconciling Individuals, Enterprises & Planet," the manifesto advocates for consumer-centric reforms, long-term investment strategies, and enhanced corporate governance to rebuild trust in the financial sector.

Both BETTER FINANCE and CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals, place the Capital Markets Union (CMU) at the core of their 2024-2029 priorities, reflecting shared objectives and common priorities.

Today, at the much-anticipated international conference "Breathing New Life into the Capital Markets Union," these shared priorities take centre stage. Drawing input from individual investors and professionals across Europe, the focus remains on ensuring better outcomes for consumers and fostering confidence in the financial ecosystem, while prioritising the real economy to the benefit of European citizens and enterprises.

Collaborating towards a CMU designed to benefit the people, BETTER FINANCE and CFA Institute have identified key priorities, including:

  • Access to Independent, Quality Advice: Advocating for high-quality advice for proper investment planning and no-nonsense disclosures.
  • Market Convergence: Pushing for standardisation and harmonisation across national markets to enhance investor protection and efficiency.
  • Regulatory Streamlining: Urging regulators to simplify rules, reduce complexity, and accelerate CMU development to bolster European economic competitiveness.
  • Tax Consistency: Calling for tax policies that promote capital markets and encourage investment, fostering a level-playing field across sectors.
  • Green Transition Support: Championing impact and transition investing while combating greenwashing through robust impact assessment and transition plan requirements.
  • Consumer-centric Digital Transition: Promoting shareholder and fundholder participation through digital platforms to enhance corporate accountability and market efficiency.


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