Date: 25th January 2024

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Let’s harness the Capital Markets Union’s (CMU) potential to benefit our citizens as financial consumers, retail investors and pension savers, as well as our planet, the economy, and for future generations. This will ensure Europe’s prosperity and security in a rapidly changing geopolitical environment. BETTER FINANCE works together with EU policymakers towards delivering a truly Sustainable Capital Markets Union that “works for people".

Despite significant efforts, the EU Parliament and Commission must be more ambitious in addressing low participation in local capital markets, a threat to the financial well-being of EU citizens and the competitiveness of the EU economy. Since 2008, EU capital markets have diminished in significance compared to the United States. While non-financial issues impact citizens' welfare, securing EU economy financing is crucial to preventing a widening financial well-being gap. Growing problems in national pension systems, particularly from underperforming and complex products, hinder the well-being of European citizens. To enhance competitiveness, EU capital markets need to be deeper, more integrated, and citizen-centric, requiring increased competition, market efficiency, integration, and better outcomes for investors.

To make EU capital markets more competitive and attractive for citizens and enterprises, a CMU that works for people, BETTER FINANCE recommends to:


Provide access to independent investment advice


Facilitate access to simple, cost-efficient and pan-European investment products


Effectively address the pensions time bomb


Ensure equal access to collective redress


Support the ESG transition with investment products that truly aim at having an impact


Drive a consumer-centric digital transition


Further involve, consult and empower EU citizens as financial users and investors, and their representative organisations