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BETTER FINANCE published the 10th edition of its “Real Return of Long-Term and Pension Savings report | 2022 Edition”. Download the report in English for free here (or see below). Should you like to order a physical copy, please contacts us at Press Release: “Pensions Report 2022: It will get much worse for EU

This report is a collaboration between analysts, actuaries, and researchers from consumer protection organisations. The purpose is to analyse and evaluate the fitness of a selection of life insurance companies’ solvency conditions and reporting. The solvency condition reflects how well-prepared an insurance company is to react and pay out insurance claims to policyholders in case

In 2021, the total income generated by securities lending operations globally stood at €7.8 billion, up by 21% compared to 2020. The majority of operations and lenders are outside the EU, and around 88% of securities on loan were sovereign bonds and equities. In the EU, lenders cannot derive any profit from securities lending. All

BETTER FINANCE published a report in support of its response to the EC Consultation on the EU Strategy for Retail Investors, illustrating the current state of affairs, detailing how to attract and retain the participation of EU households in capital markets, and issuing policy recommendations. The EU needs a Capital Markets Union “That Works for

Savers and individual investors are one of the most vulnerable groups of consumers due to the nature of financial markets, the limited financial literacy of households and the growing complexity of investment services and products. When breaches of consumer rights occur in this sector, losses are high and usually difficult to compensate. BETTER FINANCE’s research

Individual, non-professional investors have an increased appetite for investing in capital markets following the global health pandemic. Evidence in several jurisdictions shows that many new, young, and tech-savvy savers started to invest without professional assistance through what is called execution-only services under EU law . The European Supervisory Authorities (ESMA, EIOPA, EBA) have a legal

The objective of this project is to understand the perceived experience of market participants with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), including investment professionals as well as the recipients of financial services and products (i.e., retail investors). The study presents professional and retail investors’ views on the main issues that pertain to SPAC vehicles: transparency and

BETTER FINANCE screened available evidence (literature, surveys, experiments, and statistical data) comparing the impact of allowing the receipt of “inducements” by distributors or brokers of “retail” investment services and products, versus banning it. Two jurisdictions in Europe already banned the receipt of commissions for the distribution of retail investment products: the United Kingdom, since 2012,

The general meeting is the cornerstone of shareholder democracy. It is not only where voting on major company decisions takes place, but also the only place where private shareholders can engage with board members and their fellow shareholders. As shown in last year’s report, the Corona pandemic badly affected shareholder rights and engagement in the