The main purpose of the Research is to analyse whether the characteristics of the life cycle de-risking strategies are homogenous enough insofar that the default investment option will not need further calibration (regulatory provisions) with regard to its design. The other focus of the Research is to see how transparent and understandable these risk mitigation

For the third year in a row BETTER FINANCE took a closer look at the emerging Robo Advisory business from the perspective of individual investors and savers. Considering that new players are continuously joining the fray, this report focuses solely on selected platforms that set up shop over the last ten years in Europe and

Renewed research by BETTER FINANCE finds that at least 30% of the main actively managed UCITS equity funds (those with a ‘fund benchmark’) still do not comply with key disclosure requirements for benchmarks as stipulated in EU Rules. In the face of persistent poor enforcement in our view in some major fund domiciles, BETTER FINANCE

BETTER FINANCE published the 2017 Edition of “Pension Savings: The Real Return”. Download the report in English for free here. Should you like to order a physical copy please contacts us at

BETTER FINANCE supports initiatives and policies that will restore equities to their rightful place, whilst simultaneously help reduce the costs charged by intermediaries who stand between the investor and the companies operating in the real economy.

This paper tries to assess the regulatory and, more importantly, the supervisory (public enforcement) developments regarding the actual protection of savers, individual investors and mortgage borrowers since the 2008 financial crisis, in particular regarding the mis-selling of savings, investment and mortgage products.

BETTER FINANCE published the 2016 Edition of the “Pension Savings: The Real Return”. One can supervise only what one can measure: Why is this pension savings performance report (unfortunately) unique? Download the report in English for free here. Should you like to order a physical copy please contacts us at

BETTER FINANCE took a closer look at a sample of new Robot Advice providers, both in the US and in selected EU countries (Belgium, France, Germany, UK). The research concentrated on the products on offer as well as prices.

Dear Visitor, Please note that this new version of the 2015 BETTER FINANCE Pensions Report corrects a few specific mistakes contained in the previous version. Please discard any previous version. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please download the latest updated version here.

BETTER FINANCE published its briefing paper on “An EU Capital Market Union for Growth, Jobs and Citizens”.