Finnish Shareholders Federation (Suomen Osakesäästäjät)
The Finnish Shareholders Federation (Suomen Osakesäästäjät ) is a national association of shareholders, its purpose is to promote shares as savings ...
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GAIPARE - Association pour l‘amélioration de la retraite et de l‘épargne
GAIPARE is an Interprofessional Associative Group for the Improvement of Retirement and Savings that was founded in 1983. The Association ...
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Helinas - Hellenic Investors Association
Hellenic Investors Association is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 2017 in Athens, with hundreds of active members and the Leader ...
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Iceland Savers Association (Samtök Sparifjáreigenda)
Samtök Sparifjáreigenda - the Icelandic Savers Association - serves to protect the interests of investors towards the government, politicians, issuers ...
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IMAB - The Latvian Investor and Minority Shareholders Society*
IMAB (Latvia) - Investoru un mazākuma akcionāru biedrība / Investors and minority shareholders society. The aim of the Latvian Investors ...
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Institute of Savings and Investment*
The Institute of Savings and Investment is an independent, non-political and nonprofit association concerned with the education of and support ...
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INVESTAS - Association Luxembourgeois des Actionnaires Privés
INVESTAS' mission is to promote savings, encourage investments and defend the interests of securities holders. INVESTAS is a full member ...
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IVA - Interessenverband für Anleger
The IVA Investors' Association is an independent advocacy group for private minority shareholders and investors. IVA can only enforce the ...
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*Associate Member (without voting rights)

How to become a Member

BETTER FINANCE acts as an independent financial expertise and advocacy center to the direct benefit of all European citizens as financial services users.

— Conduct research
— Promote training
— Provide relevant information and better protection for end-users of financial services
— Promote market integrity and transparency for retail investors and non-industry stakeholders
— Establish better governance of financial supervision for all European citizens.

BETTER FINANCE develops research-based advocacy positions on financial issues, with input from its member organisations, to promote the interests of consumers.