ShareAction is a registered charity that promotes Responsible Investment and aims to improve corporate behaviour on environmental, social and governance ...
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ShareSoc is dedicated to the support of individual investors - private shareholders - as opposed to institutional investors although directors ...
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SII - Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Indywidualnych
SII - the Polish Association of Individual Investors - is the largest organization of stock investors in Poland, which has been operating ...
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Swiss Association for the Protection of Investors (SASV)*
The "Swiss Association for the Protection of Investors" (Schweizerische Anlegerschutzverein) is committed to transparency on the Swiss capital market and ...
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The Transparency Task Force*
The Transparency Task Force (TTF) undertakes a broad range of activities to raise awareness of the lack of transparency in ...
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UKSA - United Kingdom Shareholders Association
UKSA the UK Shareholders' Association is the independent organisation which represents the interests of private shareholders in the United Kingdom ...
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VFB - Vlaamse Federatie van Beleggers
VFB, the Flemish Federation of Investors, is a non-profit organization that informs individual investors on the management of financial assets.  ...
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VZMD - Vseslovensko združenje malih delničarjev
VZMD is a non-governmental organization representing the rights and interests of minority shareholders in the Republic of Slovenia. It is ...
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How to become a Member

BETTER FINANCE acts as an independent financial expertise and advocacy center to the direct benefit of all European citizens as financial services users.

— Conduct research
— Promote training
— Provide relevant information and better protection for end-users of financial services
— Promote market integrity and transparency for retail investors and non-industry stakeholders
— Establish better governance of financial supervision for all European citizens.

BETTER FINANCE develops research-based advocacy positions on financial issues, with input from its member organisations, to promote the interests of consumers.