Date: 13th December 2023

Brussels, 14 December 2023 – On December 11th, the BETTER FINANCE Scientific Council convened to discuss next year's research program and to elect a new chairperson. The Council recommended that BETTER FINANCE continues to build on the extensive research conducted by the team and expressed support for the 2024 research program, including further research on the real return of pension and long-term investment products, digital and sustainable investing, value for money, and shareholders' rights, among other topics.

Comprising highly skilled and experienced independent academics, the Scientific Council plays a crucial role in assisting BETTER FINANCE in delivering high-quality research for financial services users, stakeholders, and policymakers. BETTER FINANCE is pleased to announce the election of Professor Pierre-Henri Conac as the new Chair of the BETTER FINANCE Scientific Council. Professor Conac replaces Dr. Prof. Rüdiger Veil, who served two terms as Chair. BETTER FINANCE is very grateful to Professor Veil for effectively chairing the Council and wishes to highlight that all members of the Council, including the Chair, serve on a pro bono basis.