Date: 2nd July 2020
Author: DSW

Düsseldorf, 01 July 2020 – DSW, the leading shareholder association in Germany, repeatedly criticised Wirecard in the last years for its lack of transparency and weak Corporate Goverance structures. „The ad-hoc disclosure of 18 of June 2020, in which the company stated that there was no proof for the escrow accounts about 1.9 billion € made clear that our worst fears were being
surpassed“, confirms Marc Tüngler, DSW‘s chief managing director. Now it is time for DSW - supported by the European Investors‘ Federation BETTER FINANCE - to offer help to all Wirecard investors. „A law suit is currently the measure to take for investors to get their money back. This is not only an option for the shareholders of Wirecard but also for bond holders and holders of derivatives on Wirecard shares.