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Position Papers

The purpose of our position papers is to generate support on issues that are crucial for the protection of Financial Services Users, and to influence policy making on EU level. All our papers describe in detail our position on legislative issues that are or have been under discussion such as Financial Regulation Securities Markets, Auditing, Corporate Governance, Market Infrastructure, Banking, Insurance, Pensions, Investment Products and Funds, Collective Redress, Taxation and Securities Law. Each position paper is based on facts and validated evidence, such as statistical data,  authoritative references or primary source quotations, and provide a solid foundation for our argument. We carefully examine the strengths and weaknesses of our arguments and evaluate possible solutions before suggesting a course of action.


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Research Reports

Better Finance in collaboration with our member organisations is regularly carrying out research on financial regulation. Among other things, we are interested in examining the benefits of specific regulations, their impact on investor protection, and the political process by which regulation is enacted. We intend to bring clear economic thinking to bear on current regulatory rules while informing and engaging regulators, politicians and the public.


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Annual Reports

Our annual report is published each year towards the end of the spring. It provides an overview of our activities during the past year and contains a who’s who as well as a list of conferences, hearings and other working groups in which our experts take part.

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Press releases

Open Letters

Key Priorities