Donate to the King Baudouin Foundation’s “Friends of BETTER FINANCE Fund”

Residents of Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Denmark are eligible to tax receipt and deduction.

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The “Friends of BETTER FINANCE Fund” was created on the initiative of our philanthropic friends. It is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation and aims to support the projects of our non-profit organisation. As such, BETTER FINANCE has been recognised as being of public interest by the King Baudouin Foundation.

Donate to the Friends of BETTER FINANCE Fund


For donors, our Friends of BETTER FINANCE Fund confers:

• Guarantee and security: our donation system is approved and managed by the King Baudouin Foundation – an independent Belgian public interest foundation, working at European and international level. You can choose to make a one-time or monthly gift, which you pay directly to the King Baudouin Foundation.

• Certainty on the allocation of our funds.
Our projects are approved and evaluated by our independent Founders and the Kind Baudouin Foundation to serve our financial literacy and research objectives, such as:
Financial education initiatives; production of informative material for investors;
– Continued research and advocacy work by BETTER FINANCE, such as the critical issue of Pension adequacy and financial repression of European citizens.

• Tax receipt certificate: the donation can be returned in part as a tax benefit.
Individuals and companies benefit from tax advantages in their country of residence. For example, for Belgian residents, donations of 40€ or more are eligible for an income tax reduction of 45% on the amount given.

The donor automatically receives a tax receipt certificate from the Kind Baudouin Foundation (for eligible countries). The Friends of BETTER FINANCE Fund receives 100% of your donation, while you only pay a part of it on an after-tax basis.

Note: This is valid in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands & Denmark.
For other countries, the donation via our “Friends of BETTER FINANCE Fund” is possible but does not yet allow for a national tax receipt.

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