Date: 18th December 2023

BETTER FINANCE is pleased to announce a new collaboration with SASV (Schweizerischer Anlegerschutzverein), the Swiss Investor Protection Association, further expanding its pan-European network. SASV is dedicated to promoting transparency within the Swiss capital market and advancing investor rights. This partnership with BETTER FINANCE aims to bolster the representation of Swiss individual investors and shareholders on the European stage.

SASV's mission aligns seamlessly with BETTER FINANCE's commitment to ensuring the fair treatment of savers and investors across Europe. By joining forces, SASV and BETTER FINANCE seek to establish a robust advocacy framework that not only safeguards the interests of Swiss investors but also ensures their voices resonate in Brussels.

This partnership underscores a united commitment to transparency, investor protection, and the promotion of sound financial practices. BETTER FINANCE looks forward to working with SASV to address key issues impacting Swiss investors and collectively contribute to shaping a more secure and equitable financial landscape in Europe.

SASV also represents the interests of minority shareholders and is currently involved in a model-lawsuit against UBS in the Zurich commercial court. SASV recently announced that it has secured financial support for a potential challenge in the Swiss federal supreme court, if necessary. The commercial court has extended UBS's response deadline to January 10, 2024, and SASV has informed stakeholders that it is prepared to escalate the case, potentially prolonging the lawsuit.

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