Date: 16th December 2022
Author: 2° Investing Initiative

Research presentation by 2° Investing Initiative (2DII

  • Shifting the Trillions: the transition needs to be massive and transformative
  • Still, the funding gaps can be put in perspective with household savings
  • Private investors can contribute to the transition by having impact
  • Investors impact depends on the theory of change and external factors
  • All impact mechanisms don’t have the same impact potential
  • Most used investment strategies generally have limited impact potential
  • While 30% percent of retail investors say that impact maters
  • The amount of products that can answer impact expectations is limited
  • What do we need for retail investors to have impact?
  • Highlighting impact potential of financial products is challenging
  • We need to shift from measurement to effectiveness assessment
  • Example of the impact potential grid developed by the French place