Date: 5th July 2020

BETTER FINANCE – one of the only two individual user side members of the European Commission’s “High Level Forum on the CMU” - firmly advocates for a Capital Markets Union (CMU) that “Works for people” and focuses on EU citizens as – by far - the largest source of long-term, sustainable funding for the real economy. The CMU project must be attractive for pension savers and for individual, non-professional investors and enable them to receive adequate advice, become again co-owners of the EU economy, engage with investee companies for a sustainable future and
for decent long-term returns on their investments (“sustainable value for money”).

In line with the proposals made to the Next CMU High Level Report1 (2019) and for the Final Report of the High-Level Forum on the Future of the CMU2 (2020), BETTER FINANCE proposes several key recommendations to ensure that the CMU project will take off and create value for EU citizens.