Date: 5th April 2023

Today the appointment of Charles-Henri d'Auvigny as a member of the Board of the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) was announced. The Board is the highest governance body of the AMF, whose primary legal mission is the protection of savings.

Charles-Henri d'Auvigny is President of the F2IC (Fédération des Investisseurs Individuels et des Clubs d'Investissement) and a long-standing director of FAIDER. FAIDER, the main organisation representing investors in France, thanks the public authorities for this decision, as it is the first time that an investor representative has become a member of its College. Until now, only representatives of the financial industry and the administration have sat on the Board (with the exception of a representative of employee shareholders), despite FAIDER's repeated requests to include representatives of retail investors, who are the main stakeholders in the AMF's statutory duties to protect savings and inform investors.

"We welcome this appointment and hope that this decision will also inspire the public authorities to make similar improvements to the supervisor of banking and insurance savings - the ACPR - whose College still does not include any representative of the main stakeholders", said Guillaume Prache, President of FAIDER.