Date: 4th June 2019

For some years now, robo advisers have been on the rise among private investors and savers. According to a report from Deutsche Bank, automated advisory services in Europe reached 14 billion euros of assets under management last year. That is still modest when compared to the 150 billion dollars managed by American robo consultants and the 15,000 billion euros that constitute the European fund sector as a whole.

When it comes to such automated advisory services, BETTER FINANCE suggest the term “robo investing” instead of “robo advice”, since this term covers the fact that besides advice, these services actually provide automated investment services.

The benefits provided by Robo Advisory services have been acknowledged in a series of reports published by BETTER FINANCE, stressing the fact that robo-advice could go a long way towards attracting retail investors back into equity markets. In its third report, BETTER FINANCE examined Robo-Advice providers for their suitability, transparency, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness for retail investors. Another extensive report by BETTER FINANCE, comparing last year's findings with the current situation, is to be published in June.

The full article is available on Money Talk.

The BETTER FINANCE Robo-Advice report of 2018 is available here.