Date: 30th August 2023

The recent ARTE documentary titled "The Future of our Pensions" explores how to make the EU pensions system more effective at providing adequate returns. This in-depth feature examines pension systems throughout the European Union and includes interviews with policymakers, scholars, stakeholders, and retirees to provide a comprehensive look at the current state of pensions in Europe.

Our Senior Advisor, Guillaume Prache discussed BETTER FINANCE's research on the subject, highlighting pressing concerns such as the diminishing purchasing power of pensioners in the EU, the lack of transparency in costs, and the complexity of the financial products currently available.

“Sadly, the state of pensions funds shows no sign of improvement. Our comprehensive research of thousands of diverse funds over a ten-year period show that higher costs lead to less effective fund performance. Furthermore, the complexity of these financial products makes it extremely challenging to accurately identify the actual costs involved.” – Guillaume Prache

To watch the documentary online click here. [Guillaume Prache at 00:59:42]