Date: 4th December 2020

4 December 2020 – BETTER FINANCE is pleased to announce the affiliation of a new member organisation in Greece. HELINAS, the Hellenic Investors Association, is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 2017 in Athens that is working to uphold investor rights. It is also the leader in shareholder activism in Greece and represents individual and institutional investors in General Assemblies of listed companies through proxy voting and stewardship services.

HELINAS joined forces with BETTER FINANCE to ensure the voices of Greek individual investors and shareholders are heard in Brussels and to ensure that the interests of Greek savers and investors are not overlooked at the European level.

BETTER FINANCE, the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users, acts as an independent financial expertise and advocacy centre to the direct benefit of European end-users of financial services (and non-industry stakeholders). Its members are dedicated European financial services user organisations themselves, who represent financial services users in their respective EU Member States. Its activities are supported by the European Union since 2012.

BETTER FINANCE represents more than 4 million financial services users from across the European Union and beyond. It aims to channel the voices of individual investors, savers, and users of financial services at the European level, fighting for the building of an open, transparent, and efficient real economy served by financial institutions that have the public interest in mind.

By joining BETTER FINANCE, HELINAS ensures that Greek citizens as individual investors regain their rightful place in the European policy debates after a prolonged absence, turning the page on a decade of economic and social crisis”, Guillaume Prache, Managing Director of BETTER FINANCE, declared.