Robo-Advice 2020 – Comparison Table – Click here to read the research report in full
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Source: BETTER FINANCE own composition (2020); a The annual management fees vary depending on the investment sum – the figure displayed corresponds to the “mystery shopper” profile; see provider website for details; b Sum of all available fees on the website, according to the “mystery shopper” profiles; c The researchers found a difference between the total ongoing charges figure presented on the website for the product and its KIID; d The first year is free of charges (management fees); e Wrapper fees (charged by the insurer or account holder); f All-in service cost (incl. custody fees); g Two types of fee models applied: one based on a performance fee and one “flat fee”; the research team reports the flat fee figures; ! The researchers found two different total fee figures in the simulation; h Disclosed for a portfolio allocation of 50% capital guaranteed funds and 50% ETFs (unit-linked); i Includes costs of portfolio management and administration (administration fee and custody of financial instruments; j The advisor offers to service offers, the research team chose the cheaper one; the fees are net of VAT; Custody fees and other charges included in the management fee; l Annual management fee ranges between 0.25% and 0.5% *Depositary and custody fees differ depending on the jurisdiction; the fees displayed are for Belgium.