Volkswagen Investor Claims – Registration

When the extent of the fallout following “Dieselgate” became clear and the share price of Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi securities fell when the vehicle manufacturer failed to adequately and publicly disclose admission of fraud, the main German investors association, DSW and the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users, BETTER FINANCE looked into the different possibilities to obtain redress for abused Volkswagen investors.

Following extensive investigations by DSW into the various possibilities for VW investors to claim damages through legal services offered by several Dutch foundations, BETTER FINANCE decided to join the Stichting Volkswagen Investors’ Claim.

The Foundation is funded by international law firms with a strong track record in litigations involving Dutch investor foundations as well as experience with international cases similar to the VW case. As such this Foundation is best placed to represent the interests of VW investors, especially since their strategy is particularly suitable to retail investors from all countries. The World Federation of Investors has also joined the Foundation, which thus includes all the major international and European individual investors organisations.

Shareholders who have questions or would like to join this legal action and would like to stay informed are invited to register with BETTER FINANCE who will put all Volkswagen Investors in touch with DSW and the Stichting Volkswagen Investors’ Claim.


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