Date: 4th January 2019

As BREXIT approaches, the loss of the main financial centre in the EU is also nearing. In such circumstances, the Capital Markets Union, as well as various other legislative initiatives and action plans are more important than ever.

Speaking at a BETTER FINANCE conference in December 2018 in Brussels, Stephane Boujnah, CEO of Euronext, insisted that, whereas a Capital Markets Union was good to have before any BREXIT, afterwards it will be an absolute must. That being said, Jella Benner-Heinacher, the chief managing director of DSW and  President of BETTER FINANCE pointed out that the CMU is not a success story yet. Its progress has been examined by BETTER FINANCE through their CMU Barometer©, allowing the tracking of its progress and highlighting the value of individual investors and the need to protect them. Unfortunately, since the CMU is still a work in progress, its benefits are yet to be experienced by private investors and savers.

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