Date: 12th March 2021

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the Commission’s initiative to create a unique digital platform - a European Single Access Point - for investors to access all information about issuers of financial instruments and manufacturers of investment products.

For a long time, BETTER FINANCE has called for standardising and aggregating in one source information, data, and documents on capital market investments (such as product databases and web-comparison tools) in order to facilitate access to information, “shopping around” and help investors make informed decisions. In order to make capital markets attractive, stimulate an active investment behaviour and restore trust, EU households must be able to find and access quickly, easily, and free of charge the relevant information on capital market investments.

In line with the recommendations of the High-Level Forum on the Future of the Capital Markets Union, to which BETTER FINANCE contributed, we unabatedly support the initiative to establish the European Single Access Point (ESAP) which will (and must) be unique from four points of view: size, scope, accessibility, and reliability.