The table below presents the annual average returns of the penson products (by country) available in BETTER FINANCE’s 2020 edition of the report on the Real Returns of Long-Term and Pension Savings (“the Report”) using standardised holding periods of 1 year (2019), 3 years (2017-2019), 5 years (2015-2019), 7 years (2013-2019), 10 years (2010-2019) and the maximum data available. For more information and explanations, please refer to the Report. 

Important notices:

  1. The return figures presented on this page – and on the subsequent pages and windows – are nominal net (after charges, before inflation and tax) and real net (after charges and inflation, and before tax) returns of the products or Pillar averages in each country case, save where otherwise provided.
  2. The main table below presents the average returns – automatically calculated geometric means – based on the data available in the Report.
  3. Wherever “na” appears it means that annual return data were not available until the end of 2019, reason for which the average returns could not be calculated.
  4. The column titled “maximum data available”: a) does not refer to the same reporting period for all products listed and should not be used for comparison purposes where the Report does not indicate that the reporting periods are the same (e.g. BE Pension Savings Funds vs FR Corporate Pension Plans); b) “maximum data available” should be understood as the full data on returns available and disclosed in the Report, and not necessarily as the full lifetime of a product.
  5. Note that for Bulgaria we have two sets of data series available: Time-Weighted and Money-Weighted Returns; the figures below represent time-weighted returns.
Country Product type Return type
2020 2018 -
2016 -
2014 -
2011 -
maximum data available