Date: 21st December 2022

In a letter to BETTER FINANCE, Commissioner McGuinness reconfirmed her commitment to the key objectives of the Retail Investor Strategy.

BETTER FINANCE is also encouraged to read that Ms McGuinness reemphasises the clear and very appropriate objectives of the Retail Investor Strategy as spelled out in the European Commission’s September 2020 CMU Action Plan:

  • Coherent protections across the different legal instruments,
  • Benefiting from competitive and cost-efficient products,
  • Ensuring bias-free advice.

BETTER FINANCE also strongly supports the EC’s ongoing assessment of the need to further strengthen product governance rules “to ensure that costs remain limited and retail products provide value for money for investors”.

On its side, BETTER FINANCE remains committed to providing any help towards the successful completion of the Retail Investor Strategy and the CMU Action Plan, which - combined - could generate a quantum leap in investor protection, empowerment and engagement, to their benefit and to the benefit of the CMU, of sustainable investing and of the whole EU economy and democracy.