At the initiative of Euroshareholders and FAIDER, the French Association for Independent Pension Savers, the European Federation of Investors was created in 2009, under the name of EuroInvestors.

In 2012, our organisation changed its name from EuroInvestors to EuroFinuse – the European Federation of Financial Services Users, to better reflect our enlarged scope and membership.

Today, BETTER FINANCE is a public interest international organization, partly supported by the European Commission, acting as an independent financial expertise centre to the direct benefit of all European financial services users to promote training, research and information on Investment, Savings and Personal Finance.

BETTER FINANCE represents about 4 million financial services users through nearly 40 organisations in 25 countries, including 18 European Member States. Join us and make sure your constituents are heard at the European level.

Our members are European financial services user organisations who are themselves representatives of financial services users in their respective countries. This ensures the proper governance, independence and prevention of conflicts of interest.

We acknowledge that there are many other financial services users than investors only and that several of our member organisations are primarily involved with financial services users other than “investor”.

Nevertheless, the objectives and activities of BETTER FINANCE have not changed as we continue to represent and defend financial services user rights vis-à -vis the European authorities with the aim to restore trust and confidence in the European financial services market.