Based on an article written for Managermagazin, by Axel Kleinlein, BETTER FINANCE President and Head of the Association of the Insured (BdV), Germany’s largest consumer protection organisation for the insured. A consumer advocate enthusiastic about an unsuccessful defence minister? That may sound surprising… but let me try to explain myself. As the newly elected president of

Inspections by the British accounting watchdog FCR have revealed that the overall quality of the work carried out by ”the big four” in the UK has not improved since last year and that none of them is meeting quality control standards. The regulator has criticised the auditors for routinely failing to challenge managers and for

Time for a negotiated settlement for European investors: VW has been dragging its feet over European claims The company has paid out € 30 billion in the US This approach is unfair and unjust to European investors Delaying tactics have not worked; legal pressure is mounting The two leading investor protection associations call for a

With Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, stepping down at the end of October, the ECB faces a credibility problem with doubts on whether his replacement will be up to the job. While according to Ferdinando Giugliano (Bloomberg), as long as question marks remain over who will be the next president, the

On 17 June  Lina Strandvåg Nagell Administration & Finance Officer, and Aiste Vysniauskaite, Communications Assistant, will be attending the conference “Gender in Finance: Why Diversity Matters”. The event is organised by the Financial Forum Brussels and aims to unite financial organisations to tackle gender diversity and share best practices.

The climate change lobby has been active for decades, and the supporting data has slowly become more significant and more real. But the recent rally seems to have marked a turning point in public acceptance of the need for change, and it suddenly seems that government and industry will need to up its game substantially.

With the European elections around the corner, BETTER FINANCE took stock of the developments over the last five years in matters of financial policy at the European level. Although some important measures have been taken to improve the protection European Financial Services Users (i.e. most EU citizens), EU policy makers unfortunately continued to focus on

A capital markets union, a banking union, strengthened financial supervision and making the European financial sector more sustainable… These are just a few of the ambitious proposals from the European Commission. Despite the opposition of Member States, many of those plans have been implemented over the last ten years. Although there is still a long

On 7 June 2019 BETTER FINANCE’s Managing Director Guillaume Prache,  Stefan Voicu, Research and Policy Officer, and Judith Hardt, Senior Advisor, will be speaking at the workshop “Taking stock of Capital Markets Union reforms”, organised by DG Fisma.