The climate change lobby has been active for decades, and the supporting data has slowly become more significant and more real. But the recent rally seems to have marked a turning point in public acceptance of the need for change, and it suddenly seems that government and industry will need to up its game substantially.

With the European elections around the corner, BETTER FINANCE took stock of the developments over the last five years in matters of financial policy at the European level. Although some important measures have been taken to improve the protection European Financial Services Users (i.e. most EU citizens), EU policy makers unfortunately continued to focus on

A capital markets union, a banking union, strengthened financial supervision and making the European financial sector more sustainable… These are just a few of the ambitious proposals from the European Commission. Despite the opposition of Member States, many of those plans have been implemented over the last ten years. Although there is still a long

On 7 June, 2019 Guillaume Prache, the Managing Director of Better Finance will be speaking at the workshop “Taking stock of Capital Markets Union reforms”, organised by DG Fisma.

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the setting of mandatory criteria for the Ecolabel. The issue with any point system is that it may reveal gaps in correctly weighting the criteria for awarding points depending on certain circumstances. Therefore, we support the creation of an ecolabel with mandatory requirements. The mandatory (pass/ fail system) provides a stronger market

The upcoming European elections in May 2019 will lead to a reconfiguration of the European Parliament and the European Commission. These elections are of the utmost importance for European Financial Services Users (i.e. all EU citizens) represented by BETTER FINANCE. Through its proposal for a “New Deal for EU Individual Investors and Users of Financial

The EU CMU project aims to rebalance the funding for the EU economy from banks to capital markets. The key requisite for this to happen is to foster retail investments into capital markets. Following a proposal from BETTER FINANCE, the EC added a new CMU action in 2017 to “develop best practices in employee share

On Friday 28 June, Boulos Law Office, BETTER FINANCE and the World Federation of Investors are holding a joint conference on “Conduct of Investment Rules in the EU and worldwide” in partnership with the Belgian Business Council in Lebanon.  We have the pleasure to invite you to the joint international conference: Friday 28 June 2019,

At the beginning of the week, BETTER FINANCE and its Member Organisations gathered in Bucharest, Romania, to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users and elect its new board and president. BETTER FINANCE is very pleased to announce that it’s new Board elected Axel Kleinlein, from the German