It’s all about retail shareholder democracy in Europe! Did you try to vote (or did you successfully vote) at Shareholders Meetings of EU Companies in 2022? If not, there is still time, AGMs of companies are still ongoing. • Let us know your experience: Survey Open, until 10 September 2022! Shareholders are the true owners

On 14 April F2iC – one of BETTER FINANCE’s French member organisations – issued a press release arguing that the vote of shareholders, as the true owners of a company, should be binding without a company being able to use dilatory maneuvers to circumvent it. The press release follows the rejection by Stellantis’ shareholders of

Dutch foundation to enable assertion of claims against EY Deutschland and EY Global – at no cost and risk-free. Amsterdam | Düsseldorf | Frankfurt, 06 April 2022 – Wirecard AG’s bankruptcy is likely one of the biggest economic scandals in German history. Within no time it became clear that the high-tech hopes for online payments

This new statement follows on an earlier case where VZMD, the Pan-Slovenian Shareholders Association, opposed pressure on its ‘Share SUPPORT’ programme by a brokerage industry  player, harming the minority, individual shareholders it aims to represent. Today, VZMD pointed to further shortcomings and misleading claims made by the ATVP (The Slovenian Securities Market Agency) against its

| REGISTER BELOW | BETTER FINANCE, the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services User, and Helinas, the Hellenic Investors Association, will hold a joint International Investors’ Conference in Athens, Greece on Thursday 16 June 2022. As Greece heads toward elections in 2023 and looks to overhaul its pension system, it is the perfect time

BETTER FINANCE Member VZMD makes Objections Public in OPEN LETTER to the CEO of the Slovenian Securities Market Agency (ATVP), the national competent Authority In a press release at the end of 2021, VZMD – the Pan-Slovenian Shareholder Association and BETTER FINANCE Member – drew attention to the mass dissemination of letters and “innovative” offers

The general meeting is the cornerstone of shareholder democracy. It is not only where voting on major company decisions takes place, but also the only place where private shareholders can engage with board members and their fellow shareholders. As shown in last year’s report, the Corona pandemic badly affected shareholder rights and engagement in the

To ensure sustainable development and a brighter future, shareholder engagement must be given a chance! Despite the entry into force of the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) in September 2020, and the importance the European Union places on Shareholder Engagement and Corporate Governance – the set of rules and practices dictating a company’s corporate

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this call for evidence from ESMA on retail investor protection topics but regrets that it is confined to securities markets (MiFID II) topics only as these financial instruments make up for only a third of the financial balance sheets of EU27 households and in fact the smallest share of the three largest

BETTER FINANCE is pleased to announce the affiliation of two new associate member organisations. The Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion (Pörssisäätiö), based in Helsinki, and Financial Inclusion Europe (FiInE), based in Brussels, are the latest organisations to join BETTER FINANCE’s ranks, bringing the total number of member organisations to 39, of which 29 are based