BETTER FINANCE welcomes this public consultation from ESMA (even if its language and content are not intelligible to EU citizens as individual investors) since the lack of transparency on the dominant “dark” venues represents a serious detriment to individual investors and the real economy. Although the purpose of MiFID II/MiFIR and the new systematic internaliser

[…] The undersigned associations are writing to emphasise the importance of keeping the European financial markets open during this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 health crisis. Financial markets are critical infrastructure for the European economy. The markets continue to serve the needs of participants to raise capital, manage investments, access cash and manage risk that

Digitalisation and new technologies are significantly transforming the European financial system and the way it provides financial services to Europe’s businesses and citizens. Key areas of reflection include deepening the Single Market for digital financial services, promoting a data-driven financial sector in the EU while addressing its risks and ensuring a true level playing field,

Brussels, 21 January 2019 – Back in 2013, BETTER FINANCE clearly expressed its support for a European Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) and its main stated objective “[of ensuring] that financial institutions make a fair and substantial contribution to covering the costs of the recent crisis… and to ring-fence the real economy, SMEs, households, etc.”. At

Brussels, 26 November 2019 – On 18 November 2019, the European Commission (EC) announced the composition of its high-level forum on the Capital Markets Union (CMU). 28 experts from the business and finance sectors, civil society and other non-public sector institutions will provide support and insights towards the Commission’s goal of further developing and finalising

We were very saddened to learn of the death of Martin Morton at the age of 87. Martin represented UKSA, one of BETTER FINANCE’s member organisations from the UK, at countless BETTER FINANCE (and Euroshareholders before that) meetings in Brussels and engaged all present in lively debates. His rich insights in all matters related to

Among other topics, the latest newsletter of POLITICO discusses the clash of fund managers and consumer groups on fees and responses to ESMA’s Consultation Paper on Guidelines on Performance Fees in UCITS. BETTER FINANCE, as a representative of financial services users, was quoted in the newsletter: “It falls under the fair treatment of investors to penalize the

LUXEMBOURG, 4 NOVEMBER 2019  – Document optimisation company More Carrot has completed what is believed to be the industry’s first study of UCITS prospectuses. The findings shed light on a range of issues, including who uses prospectuses, the main purposes of use, what types of information they look for and how easy it is to

On 7 November 2019, BETTER FINANCE’s Managing Director Guillaume Prache will be attending the Hearing on Banking Union Report, organised at the European Parliament.

On the 6th November 2019 BETTER FINANCE Research and Policy Officer Stefan Dragos Voicu will attend CFA Society Belgium workshop on mastering the financial media.