Technological innovation is transforming financial services at an unprecedented speed, by facilitating new business models and services and the entrance of new market participants. Covid-19 is accelerating this shift and the digitalisation of financial services. These changes bring a host of opportunities, including the prospect of better financial services for businesses and consumers and greater

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the FCA’s proposal on consumer duty. We consider the general duty of care to be at the core of investor protection in securities markets. In fact, in the BETTER FINANCE report on “Sustainable Value for Money”, BETTER FINANCE and the CFA Institute embarked on a project to analyse what industry and consumer

BETTER FINANCE welcomes this unique initiative from EIOPA as an example of best practice in terms of supervision and investor protection, not only at the EU level but on the global regulatory scene, especially given the architecture of the distribution market for retail investment products. EU savers have been slowly diverted from direct investments towards

7 July 2021 – The European Commission (EC) has adopted a new ‘Strategy for Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy‘ or Sustainable Finance Strategy. BETTER FINANCE commends the EC for this important step and fully supports its stated goals, especially the move towards ensuring more and better access for consumers to “transition finance”. It

Following on the heels of its 2020 video on “why to invest in shares?” (published exclusively in French), BETTER FINANCE now launches a new educational video on “Investing in Funds”, in English as well as in French. This latest video takes a deeper look at investment funds in Europe and explains how individual investors can

In the study about the Solvency and Financial Condition Reports (SFCRs) – that have to be disclosed under the Solvency II Directive (Art. 51) – we take a closer look at eight different figures that are calculated and rated: Transparency, expressed on a point scale (from -2 to 19); Solvency ratio, expressed as a percentage

Besides their fundamental business figures, insurance companies have to disclose how stable and secure they are in annual “solvency” reports. In 2021, for the first time, BdV – Europe’s most important association for insurance policyholders – in cooperation with BETTER FINANCE, the European Federation of Financial Services Users – analyse these reports from the 10

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the Delegated act obligations for certain large undertakings to publish non-financial information. The rules set out in the delegated act clarify and allow for the translation of the technical screening criteria of the Climate Delegated Act (and the future Environmental Delegated Act) into quantitative economic performance indicators that will need to be