It is with great sadness that BETTER FINANCE learned on Monday 14 December 2020 that Wilhelm Rasinger, President of the Austrian Association for Investors (Interessenverbandes für Anleger – IVA) passed away. He was a great friend of our organisation and, even before his close involvement with the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users,

With merely 22 active funds, of which just a handful are marketed and distributed to individual, non-professional (“retail”) investors, the EU Long-Term Investment Funds (ELTIF) market is still struggling to develop more than five years after its launch. The uptake of ELTIFs by investors is hampered by similar but more attractive domestic labels, a lack

4 December 2020 – BETTER FINANCE is pleased to announce the affiliation of a new member organisation in Greece. HELINAS, the Hellenic Investors Association, is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 2017 in Athens that is working to uphold investor rights. It is also the leader in shareholder activism in Greece and represents individual and institutional

“The European Union’s watchdog has ruled the European Commission failed to adequately consider conflicts of interest when it appointed BlackRock Investment Management, the world’s second largest investor in fossil fuels, to advise on environmental regulations for the banking sector.” […] “In the report published this week, O’Reilly concluded the Commission needed to better police conflict

BETTER FINANCE and its member, the Lithuanian Investors Association (LIA) took note of the Lithuanian Parliament report shedding light on the responsibility of major Scandinavian banks in the 2009-2010 financial crisis in the Baltic States. In Lithuania, where GDP fell by almost 15% as of 2009, the parliamentary investigation reflects LIA’s position on the role

On 25 September 2020, BETTER FINANCE released the eighth edition of its research report on the Real Return of Long-Term and Pension Savings. More than a month later, on 5 November, PensionsEurope (PE), the lobbyist for the European Pensions Industry, issued a press release levelling unwarranted and unsubstantiated criticism against the findings in the Bulgarian

The BETTER FINANCE welcomes the proposal put forward by the European Commission to simplify Prospectus disclosure rules for equity issuers in order to stimulate equity financing by companies in need and restore sustainable debt-equity ratios. We believe that both Capital Markets Union (CMU) and COVID-19 recovery policies should be tailored to attract more EU households

We welcome the EC’s initiative to alleviate some regulatory requirements enabling EU capital markets’ potential to boost recovery from the COVID-19 induced economic downturn. However, we wish to warn about the long-term detrimental effects that several provisions and amendments will have on “retail” investor protection if done in “haste” and without proper scrutiny and attention

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the the use of specific templates to standardise the disclosures of ESG information. We consider that to be comparable, the information disclosed  must reach the highest degree of standardisation at cross-sectoral levels and standardisation concerns not only the type of information to be included, but also the order flow and format; in

BETTER FINANCE thanks the ECB for this initiative to reach out to EU citizens as users of financial services and to the “civil society” at large. We acknowledge the major role of the ECB in addressing many short-term issues arising from the 2008 financial crisis and today from the COVID one: Financial repression at unprecedented