24 September 2020 – BETTER FINANCE releases the eighth edition of its report on the Real Return of Long-Term and Pension Savings, which marks a new milestone for the series, since it is the first to cover 20 years of historical track record for retirement provision vehicles. At the same time, the report comes against

Download the report in English for free here. Should you like to order a physical copy please contacts us at info@betterfinance.eu.  

24 September 2020 – The European Commission’s (EC) Directorate-General for Financial Services, Financial Stability and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA) published a third action plan to build a Capital Markets Union (CMU) – this time for “people and businesses” – which sets 16 policy and regulatory objectives in order to “finally complete the Capital Markets

With the entire world in the grip of an unprecedented pandemic, governments around the world struggle to bring the devastating Coronavirus under control, save lives and alleviate overburdened health systems. Unfortunately, the necessary health, quarantine and social distancing measures implemented to fight the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, are taking their toll on economies around the world.

PEPP only called into question by finance industry due to high costs for intermediaries 22 September 2020 – The latest draft of the Pan-European Personal Pension (PEPP) delegated (level 2) regulation was up for discussion last Friday during a broad and well-attended conference on the issue of PEPP and Financial Repression organised by consumer organisations

After publishing a series of Q&As for duped individual investors and pension savers in light of the outrageous Wirecard AG scandal, BETTER FINANCE’s German member organisation, DSW, the leading shareholder association in Germany, issued a press release today to inform abused investors about the next steps. Wirecard investors are entitled to register their claims in

Brussels, 11 September 2020 – On 10 October 2014, BETTER FINANCE wrote to ESMA[1] to ask for an investigation into the issue of falsely “active” funds, a practice also known as “closet indexing”. Today, it praises ESMA for its considerable efforts towards addressing the issue. Indeed, on 9 September, ESMA published a Working Paper on

The InsurTech wave of innovation introduces and transforms existing business models. The extensive use of third-party providers and outsourcing may lead to both as well as a possible fragmentation of the insurance value chain. Nonetheless, several incumbent insurance-related companies, more or less have become software companies. The degree of this transformation is marked by the

This document contains the response of BETTER FINANCE to the European Commission’s online survey (public consultation) concerning the consultation on the renewed sustainable finance strategy. BETTER FINANCE considers that the regulation on disclosures relating to sustainable investments and sustainability risks and amending Directive (EU) 2016/2341 is extremely important to clarify fiduciary duties and increase the