Europe has made limited progress with its capital markets union, and decision-makers must do more to protect people’s right in the space, the advocacy group Better Finance said in a report looking ahead to today’s conference of the Federation of European Securities Exchanges. “BETTER FINANCE believes that the CMU initiative provides the ideal opportunity to

This Briefing Paper aims to provide a targeted assessment of the progress achieved by the European Union (EU) in establishing a Capital Markets Union after four years of implementation, and just before a new EU Commission is being established. It also comes just after the “Next CMU” Report of 9 October 2019, which takes on

Brussels, 12 November 2019 – More than five years ago, the EU laid the foundation for a Capital Markets Union that would, at last, create the single market for capital foreseen 62 years ago in the Treaty of Rome, develop capital market funding for the real economy and provide better returns for EU citizens as

CONSOB, the Italian financial watchdog, invited me on November 8, 2019 to comment on their very interesting 2019 report on the behavior of Italian savers. Several findings were indeed thought-provoking. For example, 63% of Italian savers are loss averse according to the Report. However, their top choice (and more and more so) is bank accounts.

Among other topics, the latest newsletter of POLITICO discusses the clash of fund managers and consumer groups on fees and responses to ESMA’s Consultation Paper on Guidelines on Performance Fees in UCITS. BETTER FINANCE, as a representative of financial services users, was quoted in the newsletter: “It falls under the fair treatment of investors to penalize the

LUXEMBOURG, 4 NOVEMBER 2019  – Document optimisation company More Carrot has completed what is believed to be the industry’s first study of UCITS prospectuses. The findings shed light on a range of issues, including who uses prospectuses, the main purposes of use, what types of information they look for and how easy it is to

BETTER FINANCE welcomes the recent efforts of ESMA to clarify and harmonise across the EU the provisions and supervisory practices on the management and transparency of information concerning UCITS and AIF funds, and in particular the current proposal to codify uniform rules applicable to performance fees. As a representative of retail investors (among others), BETTER FINANCE

On 7 November 2019, BETTER FINANCE’s Managing Director Guillaume Prache will be attending the Hearing on Banking Union Report, organised at the European Parliament.

On 5 November 2019, BETTER FINANCE’s Managing Director Aleksandra Mączyńska will be speaking at the conference ‘Capital Markets Union 2.0: An Insurance perspective’ organised by German Insurance Association (GDV).

On the 21 October 2019, BETTER FINANCE’s Managing Director Aleksandra Mączyńska will be speaking at the FPSB Strategy Meeting, discussing the challenges for the financial advisors.