BETTER FINANCE conducted research on the securities lending practices of the 10 most active European funds in this field, most of which are based in Luxembourg. Even though the rules are clear, the research results have demonstrated wide discrepancies between the funds with regards to the redistribution of the revenues. According to Guillaume Prache, Managing

On the occasion of the first meeting of its newly established Scientific Committee, BETTER FINANCE is holding a press conference on 20 June to present its distinguished members and publish its ground-breaking new research findings on the Correlation between Cost and Performance in EU Equity Retail Funds. The Scientific Committee consists of highly skilled and

“It’s true that political salesmen can market a mythology and iconography that entice people into privileging a religion, ethnicity, or nation as their fundamental identity. With the right package of indoctrination and coercion, they can even turn them into cannon fodder. That does not mean that nationalism is a human drive. Nothing in human nature

Barclays, Citigroup, JP Morgan, MUFG and Royal Bank of Scotland were fined a combined 1.07 billion euros) by the European Union on Thursday for rigging the multitrillion-dollar foreign exchange market. According to the European Commission, individual traders at the banks involved, formed two cartels to manipulate the spot foreign exchange market for 11 currencies, including

The Icelandic Savers Organization (ISA), the founding member of BETTER FINANCE, organised a series of lectures during 2018-2019 to commemorate the ten-year anniversary of the crisis of 2008. All the lectures had the common headline “Never Again” and looked into the reasons and consequences of the crisis. The lectures focused on subjects such as the

With the European elections around the corner, BETTER FINANCE took stock of the developments over the last five years in matters of financial policy at the European level. Although some important measures have been taken to improve the protection European Financial Services Users (i.e. most EU citizens), EU policy makers unfortunately continued to focus on

BETTER FINANCE has challenged BlackRock, UBS Asset Management and Deka, amongst others, on the revenues generated by their securities lending activities, reigniting a debate about an opaque but lucrative part of the fund industry. Under rules issued by the European Securities and Markets Authority in 2012, asset managers cannot profit from securities lending. However, analysis

Following the biggest class action lawsuit ever filed in Norway, around 180,000 DNB consumers have won their claim that the fees charged by the biggest bank in the country were far too high. DNB had already been sued by the state consumer council three years ago, on the basis that it must refund around NOK

A capital markets union, a banking union, strengthened financial supervision and making the European financial sector more sustainable… These are just a few of the ambitious proposals from the European Commission. Despite the opposition of Member States, many of those plans have been implemented over the last ten years. Although there is still a long