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13.09.2018 17:18 Age: 10 days
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EU Capital Markets 2024


On Wednesday 5th of December, BETTER FINANCE and FESE will host a joint conference on ‘’EU Capital Markets 2024’’ at the Hessen Representative Office (Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels).

The conference will focus on the major challenges the EU faces in capital markets over the next five years: given the geopolitical challenges facing the EU, what does an ambitious CMU 4.0 need to achieve in order to truly deliver for investors and companies? How to better foster retail investments into capital markets? What kind of Equity Markets Structure in Europe will deliver transparency, resilience and stability for European markets? How can European capital markets be competitive in a global context?

Amongst our guests will be senior representatives of BETTER FINANCE Member organisations, of FESE Member Exchanges, the European Parliament, the European Commission, Permanent Representations to the EU and trade associations who represent the interest of their members in this field.

Below please find a preliminary draft programme of the conference.

EU Capital Markets 2024

Wednesday, 5th December 2018

State of Hessen Representation, Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels


12.30     Networking Lunch

13.30     Welcome speech: Representation of Hessen

13.45     Keynote speech: Danuta Hübner, MEP

14.15    Panel discussion - CMU delivering for investors and companies in the EU

Within 5 years the CMU has delivered a bundle of very diverse initiatives. How successful has the CMU been (CMU-Barometer update)? Given geopolitical challenges (Brexit, US) how are capital markets likely to change? The political agenda for a CMU needs to be much more ambitious. How can a Sustainable Finance agenda complement and boost a CMU? How does a PEPP need to be structured to actually deliver decent long-term returns and help fund the real economy? How can individual investors have more access to capital market investment products? How can company financing “made in the EU” be more competitive and effective? Moderator: Guillaume Prache, Managing Director, Better Finance 

15.30     Coffee break

16.00     Keynote speech

16.15     Panel discussion: Equity Markets Structure in Europe

MiFiD II following the financial crisis has aimed to increase the transparency, resilience and stability of European markets. Efficient price formation is the core to value the real assets in an economy efficiently and to allow for the allocation of capital to the most productive use. Has MiFiD II yielded a market structure that delivers on these goals? Exchanges have been criticised for charging market data: what is the value and cost of data and are the end investors treated fairly? Moderator: Rainer Riess, Director General, FESE

17.30     Closing Speech: Olivier Guersent. Director-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission


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