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Better Finance is advocating and defending the interests of financial services users at European level, in order to promote training, research and information on Investments, Savings and Personal Finances. Therefore, member organisations pursuing the same objectives have been grouped at national or supranational level. Better Finance acts by respecting the European principle of subsidiarity. Better Finance is composed of active, associate and honorary members.

As a Federation of European of national organisations, Better Finance’s role is to represent the represent, and defend the interests of, our member organisations vis-a-vis the European authorities. We act in the interest of our member organisations, which represent financial services users in the different member countries. On behalf of our members we carry out advocacy and research activities at EU level.

We also facilitate contacts, communicationinformation sharing and discussions on topical financial issues between member orgnaisations and with other stakeholders, through the organisation of general assemblies international conferences (often organised in partnership with member organisations), Working Groups (which take an active role in building up our position papers) and of course our own communication activities (press releases, newsletters, media conferences, etc.) or amplification of member’s communication activities. We aim to at all times remain active to any issues affecting members as well as changes arising in the financial sector. We try to involve our member organizations in our advocacy activities and have organised many meetings for them with European Authorities or politicians.

Interested candidates are advised to consult our Bylaws for further clarifications on how to become a member.

Active Members

The active members are the founding members and any legal or physical person accepted as such by the Board of Directors. Only active members have voting rights at the General Assemblies and can participate to the management of the Association and become members of the board of directors.

Associate Members

The associate members are legal persons who may not pursue all the objectives of the Association but that the Board of directors considers sufficiently aligned to grant these persons "associate" membership.

Honorary Members

The honorary members are persons (individual or legal) who are willing to contribute to the Association's objectives and actions, and designated as such by the board of directors.


The General Assembly is composed of all BETTER FINANCE members and meets twice a year to determine our objectives, priorities and political options. The General Assembly has exclusive competency for:

  • Changes to the bylaws;
  • Designation and revocation of board members and their discharge, in compliance with the bylaws;
  • Appointment and revocation of the managing director;
  • Eventual designation of auditors and their discharge;
  • Approval of budgets and financial statements;
  • Voluntary dissolution of the association;
  • Exclusion of members;
  • Transformation of the association into a corporation with a social goal;
  • All other matters as required by the bylaws.


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