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Legal Committee

The Legal Committee (LC) assists the organisation in all legal matters related to current policy issues and activities we carry out. The LC is composed of four members and is headed by a Chairman and a Secretary General. All members of the LC are Attorneys at Law.

Work Programme Committee

The Work Programme Committee (WPC) oversees our annual work programme and reports to the Board every quarter or more frequently if needed. The Committee is chaired by one of the Board Members and include amongst others the Managing Director and the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator will report to the Work Programme Committee at least every month on the progress and on any other issues arising.

Risk and Audit Committee

The Risk and Audit Committee (RAC) is composed of two to three board members and chaired by one of them. The Managing Director acts as the secretary for the Committee. The RAC meets at least three times a year. One of the meetings is dedicated to review the draft financial statements and the external audit report of the previous fiscal year and the risks involved in the draft budget of the current year prior to the review by the board. The RAC is also responsible for ensuring that the organisation follows transparency rules. The RAC reports to the Board. Information about the committee members will be published here soon.

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is composed of a minimum of two Board Members and is reviewing in cooperation with the Managing Director the reports produced by the Project Coordinator, running assessment and providing recommendations as needed.



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