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The FSUG and EuroFinUse protest the anti-consumer amendments proposals from the European Parliament rapporteur on Insurance distribution

The ECON Committee of the EP recently released its report on the EC proposal “IMD 2” (Insurance Mediation Directive 2). One of the aims of this proposal was to raise insurance policy holders’ protection to the level set for MiFID...[more]

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ESMA to clarify UCITS guildelines

ESMA, the European Securities and Markets Authority will issue further guidance in March to clear up confusion among exchange traded fund providers regarding upcoming UCITS rules on securities lending, according to the Financial...[more]

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Europe derivatives trading vote called off

European lawmakers have called off a controversial vote that would have led to further delays implementing reform of the region’s derivatives markets, following strong pressure by the European Commission. Leading...[more]

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EPFSF lunch discussion on the on the reform of banking structures

With regards to the EPFSF event from 29 January 2013 on “The Liikanen Report: do we need a reform of the EU banking structure?" to which EuroFinuse participated please find here the statement of Managing Director Guillaume...[more]

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Brussels waters down its stand on bank ringfences

The EU commissioner in charge of regulatory reform, Michel Barnier "has signalled a retreat from plans to force lenders to build barriers around their securities trading operations, as policy makers focus on stimulating...[more]

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EU Council introduces Financial Transaction Tax

EU commissioner Algirdas Šemeta has described the European council's decision to introduce a financial transaction tax (FTT) as a "major milestone". The council's decision, adopted on Tuesday 22 January, authorises 11...[more]

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Investor loyalty will finally be rewarded

Loyal shareholders in European companies would gain extra voting rights and a bigger slice of dividends under a proposal being floated by Brussels to spur long-term investment. Michel Barnier, the EU single market...[more]

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