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07.06.2018 17:14 Age: 167 days
Category: News

The future of finance in Europe: Is digital disruption good for customers?

BETTER FINANCE's Managing Director, Guillaume Prache, participated to a roundtable discussion on the Future of Finance in Europe, hosted by Ana Botin, Executive Chairman, Santander.

On 6 June Santander’s Ana Botin, the European Commission’s Roberto Viola, Starling Bank’s Anne Boden and Better Finance’s Guillame Prache discussed the future of finance in Europe and whether digital disruption is good for customers?

Fintechs and other disruptive businesses drive the more established players to work harder for consumers. But on that basis, it is important that the same activity is regulated in the same way, and that we are able to compete with the U.S. and China.

Guillaume Prache added that "we need to be more ambitious in terms of taxing, but also, let Trump tax steel, but let's not tax Bourbon, instead we should tax the US FinTech monopolies".

See video here.


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