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26.04.2018 15:01 Age: 147 days
Category: News

Tree Top Asset Management Launches "Fund that cares"

Taking heed of the increasing importance of ESG factors within the global financial system, as well as the desire by individual investors to have access to socially responsible investment alternatives, Tree Top Asset Management launched their “fund that cares” on 24 April in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation. Introducing a new approach to responsible investing, Tree Top ‘invites’ investors to donate a lump sum at the investment`s inception date to charitable projects managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Depending on the size and allocation of the donation, Tree Top annual management fees are reduced to as low as 0.10%. This approach also allows for tax deductions of  up to 45% of the donation in question.

To maximize on the above mentioned benefits, a 2% donation to one of the 5 societal projects under management by the King Baudouin Foundation is required. The projects all focus on personal development; though diverge in terms of target groups and methods. To read more about the different  social projects ( MOOCs Louvain, Comequi asblHabbekrats, BOOST and Microstart) and “the fund that cares”, please visit the Tree Top Asset Management Website.

Read the full press release here. 



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