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Brussels waters down its stand on bank ringfences

The EU commissioner in charge of regulatory reform, Michel Barnier "has signalled a retreat from plans to force lenders to build barriers around their securities trading operations, as policy makers focus on stimulating...[more]

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EU Council introduces Financial Transaction Tax

EU commissioner Algirdas Šemeta has described the European council's decision to introduce a financial transaction tax (FTT) as a "major milestone". The council's decision, adopted on Tuesday 22 January, authorises 11...[more]

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Investor loyalty will finally be rewarded

Loyal shareholders in European companies would gain extra voting rights and a bigger slice of dividends under a proposal being floated by Brussels to spur long-term investment. Michel Barnier, the EU single market...[more]

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MEP demands the end of Bank's 'rip-off' investment fees

On 14 January, MEP Sharon Bowles, Chair of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, demands to put an end to high street bank's astronomical investment fees. Ms Bowles said that "the idea of the...[more]

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Competition: Europe seeks the most dangerous financial product

The derailment of the financial system, which led to one of the deepest global economic crises in history has its roots to a large extend in the high and often questionable complexity and opacity of financial...[more]

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FSA to widen review of retail mis-selling

The Financial Services Authority said on Wednesday 16 January 2013 it now "plans to expand its review to look at bonus and commission schemes", according to the Financial Times. The FSA also issued final guidance on how...[more]

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EU Parliament is pressing for a European Public Rating Agency

On 15 January 2013 the European Parliament debated a legislative proposal to strengthen accountability among Credit Rating Agencies. The proposed model consists of greater transparency by ensuring more competition and calling...[more]

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