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EuroFinUse reiterates that EU savers should not be held responsible for bank failures

EuroFinUse published a press release demanding more clarity and transparency on the conditions to be applied to Cyprus banks’ bondholders: the declarations of Mr. Dijsselbloem on the involvement of bondholders should be more...[more]

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EuroFinUse Audit Reform Conference demanding mandatory tendering and rotation

On 26 March, EuroFinUse, the only organisation dedicated to defend the rights of European financial services users, organised a high-level conference on the audit reform, hosted by British MEP Sajjad Karim, to discuss the...[more]

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EuroFinUse Brussels Declaration 2013

At the EuroFinUse General Assembly, on 25 March 2013, Jean Berthon was elected as President to head the one and only organization dedicated to defend the rights of financial users. On January 1st 2013, Euroshareholders and...[more]

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The European Parliament votes on asset managers’ bonus cap: Is this going to benefit individual investors in any way?

The outrageous remuneration of many EU bankers is an issue, as bankers’ bonuses have been and are still largely (and unwillingly) funded by taxpayers, clients and non-insider  shareholders who have been losing  billions...[more]

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Press Release on Cyprus bailout - EuroFinuse demands protection for small individual depositors

EuroFinUse published a press release today. We praise the Eurogroup statement from late Monday in favor of fully guaranteeing deposits below EUR 100,000. Moreover, we believe bank depositors should not pay for the excesses of the...[more]

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EuroFinUse publishes anwsers to the EC questionnaire on long-term investment funds

In response to the EC questionnaire on long-term investment funds EuroFinUse would like to highlight that equities and bonds are much simpler products that have been designed centuries ago to fund the long-term needs of the real...[more]

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EuroFinuse member organisations comment on differing shareholder activism in Europe

According to the Independent, UK shareholder activism is seriously lagging behind most EU Member States, while European success stories include the Swedish Shareholder Association and its counterpart in Denmark. All three...[more]

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