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ESMA: Structured products are ‘risky’

EuroFinUse was quoted by the Financial Times in relation to the European Securities and Markets Authority recent report on structured products. Following "relatively low” returns on investment in structured products over...[more]

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The New York Times voices the preferred shares fraud to Spanish investors

The New York Times has released a video on the “preferentes” case, a huge fraud where hundreds of thousands Spanish savers have suffered massive losses,  and portraying the organization of collective actions by ADICAE, a...[more]

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Plenary Vote of the European Parliament on UCITS V

The European Parliament has finally passed on plenary vote the newest update of the framework for the EU-authorised investment funds, UCITS V. Progress on this decisive file for retail investors is welcomed, as UCITS funds are...[more]

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EuroFinUse meeting with Philippe Maystadt

On Friday, 5th July 2013, EuroFinUse met with Philippe Maystadt, who was appointed by Commissioner Michel Barnier as the Special Adviser to enhance EU’s role in promoting high quality accounting standards. EuroFinUse provided Mr...[more]

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EuroFinUse call on MEPs for equitable performance fees

The European Federation of Financial Services Users calls on the Members of the European Parliament to put an end to performance fees of investment funds being only a one-way street, benefitting only providers and to the...[more]

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Saving for retirement is ‘a losing game’

EuroFinUse Managing Director was interviewed in the Financial Times with regards to EuroFinUse Research Report on ‘The Real Return of Private Pensions’ released on Thursday June 20, 2013. ‘Saving for retirement is “a losing...[more]

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EuroFinUse Member Organizations met in Moscow

On 17th June 2013, EuroFinUse Board Member, the President of the PanSlovenian Shareholders Association (VZMD), Kristjan Veribic, the President of the Russian Federation of Investors, Aleksey Smirnov and the Associate Member,...[more]

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