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Electronic money versus money: An assessment of regulation

Electronic money – digital payment instruments that store value – can be seen simply as a technological innovation for holding and accessing regular money. This column argues that how it is used and regulated will determine...[more]

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Fintech Industry Awaits New Regulatory Measures as part of the EC Action Plan.

Emerging Financial Technology (Fintech) has a, seemingly endless, potential to drive efficiency gains and the disintermediation of financial services, thereby bringing about decreased transaction costs. Keeping in mind that...[more]

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As EC Discusses VCs, Switzerland may hold lessons for the future.

Virtual Currencies (VCs) and blockchain technology are  all the buzz, with their regulation now subject to national as well as international discussions. Following the ESAs warning on VC trading earlier this month (access...[more]

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EESC acknowledgement of ESFS reform: Important Step in the Right Direction.

With work to complete the Capital Markets Union (CMU) underway, reforms with regards to  the functioning of the European System of Financial Supervisors (ESFS) were welcomed by the European Economic and Social Committee...[more]

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Finalising the Third Pillar of the Banking Union

The effects of the 2008 financial crisis were supported by European citizens in their double quality as depositors and taxpayers. The overhaul of the banking sector (see article here) put mechanisms for prudential oversight and...[more]

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EC Nomination to the SRB Sparks Outrage from Aggrieved Investors

The EC announced their nomination of Mr Boštjan Jazbec as a member to the Single Resolution Board (SRB) in a press release on Wednesday 14th of February. Though Mr Jazbec has proven experience with monetary policy issues, for...[more]

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New Vice-Presidency Appointment Spark Debate on ECB Independence

After a confusing few weeks, Monday`s Eurogroup meeting announced that Spain`s Economy Minister Luis de Guindos is set to be the new vice-president of the European Central Bank’s Executive Board (ECB EB). Following a face-off...[more]

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