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The Stichting Volkswagen Investors Claims appeals for support - once again - to the German Federal Minister of Economy and Energy

In a letter addressed to the German Federal Minister of Economy and Energy, the Foundation expresses its disappointment regarding the absence of an answer to the letter sent to the Federal Minister in April 2017.  As a...[more]

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Green bonds, SRI, ESG…fashionable but still very hazy

Sustainable Finance is the 2017 trend in Finance …but green bonds, ESG, SRI…are still concepts very much subject to questions and doubts regarding their definition and standards.  However, despite this lack of definitions,...[more]

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Lower fees for less advice? New US regulation protecting investors

A new regulation raising standards for investment managers entered into force last week in the US, protecting investors and worrying active assets managers.  Drawn up by the Obama Administration, this new fiduciary rule...[more]

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Passive investing’s dark side

Writing in Financial Times, Renaud De Planta, chairman of Pictect Asset Management, warns that passive investing could threaten the free-market economy. As a reminder, passive investing can be defined as an investment strategy...[more]

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The post-EU era – Asset managers increasingly worried

While voters are called upon to vote today in the UK to provide (or not) Theresa May with a strong majority government for the up-coming negotiations with the EU, asset managers seem increasingly  worried about the access to...[more]

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Diesel Gate: VW could be fined up to € 19.73 billion by French authorities

Volkswagen’s invoice for damages seems to keep growing… After the US, where the carmaker will pay consumers $ 24 billion in total, the French authorities could now fine the German carmaker up to € 19.73 billion (10% of its...[more]

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Regulation supporting Better Finance and Finance Watch’s activities published

The Regulation 2017/826 of  17 May 2017 establishing a Union programme to support specific activities enhancing the involvement of consumers and other financial services end-users in Union policy-making in the area of...[more]

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