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MiFID II to regulate ETF private trading venues

The newly applicable provisions of MiFID II on reporting duties also concern financial transactions of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Considering that the majority of initial ETF trading (primary dealing or creation) takes place...[more]

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The Swedish Model for Passporting Pension Products

Amid intense debates between the regulator, industry and BETTER FINANCE over the proposal for the Pan-European Personal Pension (PEPP), a retirement savings investment product that stand to benefit not only European citizens as...[more]

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Introspective, Retrospective and Perspective on Cryptocurrencies

As far as the finance industry is concerned 2017 can safely be called the Year of Cryptocurrency. The popularity of these FinTech products has skyrocketed even overshadowing other important subjects such as the fresh Basel III...[more]

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Key Regulatory Aspects of MiFID II

On the day it becomes directly applicable, the long-awaited revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) gives birth to a new and healthier environment for financial services and instruments across the Single...[more]

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UK Treasury's Strategy to Maintain Financial Industry Globally Competitive

In light of the Brexit negotiations and the finance industry’s concerns regarding their outcome, HM Treasury has released its revised version of the 2013 Investment Management Strategy (IMS), hedging for a negative...[more]

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Is Europe a Better Venue for Collective Redress Litigation?

The lack of collective redress in Europe remains an issue for the European finance industry, especially from the perspective of investors and shareholders (see BETTER FINANCE paper here). Given that procedural law falls under the...[more]

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ESMA seeks two candidates as consumer representatives for its Stakeholder Representative Group

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is seeking two candidates to represent the interests of consumers, as members of its Securities Markets Stakeholders Group (SMSG). The SMSG helps to facilitate...[more]

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