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More hedge-fund firms are closing down

According to the Financial News at least eight hedge-fund firms have announced their intention to close their business due to uncertain markets, tighter regulation and "investors with ever-shorter time horizons". Read...[more]

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EuroFinuse is looking for a full-time Office Manager

EuroFinuse is looking for a full-time Office Manager to join our small international team in Brussels. The successful candidate will be in charge of the office management, administration and members’ relations, and will be...[more]

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EuroFinuse discusses long-term investing at CEPS-ECMI Task Force conference

EuroFinuse will present the views of financial services users on 'sales practices and disclosure for long-term products' at the upcoming CEPS conference on "Supporting long-term investing and retirement savings" which...[more]

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Bankia’s debtholders face large losses

Bankia’s debt holders comprising tens of thousands of retail clients will face a writedown of between 46 and 14 per cent as part of a restructering and burden sharing "demanded by Brussels in return for a capital injection...[more]

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Are Brussels eurocrats facing the same austerity as other citizens?

After failed negotiations on Thursday night EU heads of government have resumed their talks today  in order to bag a deal on the EU budget, which will cover roughly €1,000bn in spending from 2014 to 2020. EU President...[more]

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The clients interest has to be put first

After the latest revision of MiFID 2 failed to include a total ban on inducements but instead  seeks to ban any “remuneration, discount or non-monetary benefits” for routing orders, while the requirement to take all...[more]

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Tighter regulations on Shadow Banking

With the view to domesticate "shadow banking" the Financial Stability Board propsed at yesterday's global regulators meeting higher levels of government intervention for non-bank lending markets. High quality global...[more]

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